Heavy Weights

What is WOD Wagers?

It's the means for Athletes to EARN money WORTH their while. Athletes will do ONE WOD no longer than 15min and can earn up to 8000% on their entry fee.


Yes you read right thats not a type-o, 8000% could potentially be paid out to our Athletes. For now we pay out our Top 3 with 1st taking the biggest %. In the future as we grow with you the Athlete, we will pay out Top 10 and eventually Top 50.

Gym Workout

Okay but - How does it work?

We will have 2 Categories.

1 - R150 set fee, you enter with R150. That R150 could turn into R2000. This will depend on how many people enter. So if you want the Top 3 payout % to be bigger invite your friends, and members of your box to enter. Example 100 people entered will earn you R2000 However 500 people will have R12000 1st Place, 2nd R8000, 3rd R5000 - Not bad for MAX 15min WOD.

YES - WOD's will be released before you enter, so you will know exactly what WOD you will be entering.

2 - Now this is where things get interesting. Our next Category there will be a minimum entry of R50 and Unlimited Max entry... mmm sounds interesting right? This is how it works, you see our WOD and you see movements that you are really good at. You think - "Shit I could win this easy" you then can Wager on yourself to come 1st. The Risk is high, but the payout for you coming 1st can potentially be HUGE. Factors for payout % is as follows: Your Wager (How much you put on yourself as your entry fee - the bigger your Wager the bigger the payout), Amount of People entered into the WOD.


Okay so sounds risky and you not sure you will place 1st, but feel you can make Top 10, lower risk so lower payout - but still a good opportunity to EARN money. 

Crossfit Rowing Machines

What do you need?

You will need a profile with us, this will give you access to our Leaderboard - THIS IS FREE!

A Judge for your WOD

You will need Wodproof App, this will be used by your Judge. However the Judge must be familiar with the App to count reps on the App. So go through the tutorials and have a look at what to do - if we get videos where instructions are not followed you will be DQ and not eligible for prize money.

YouTube Account for video submission. You will send us your link and our Judges will then review your video.

If you win or get a payout we will contact you for your banking details. Payouts will happen within 14 days of the WOD.