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Dreamed of earning money as a Runner? This is the right place.

We want you to earn money by running. We have set up running routes all over the country - all you have to do is download our GPX try out the course and then on the Official Race Date give it horns!

Entry will always be R150 for all distances. All the routes will be available on our site so you can see which one you would like to enter.

R150 Could earn you R12000 or even more. It will all depend on the amount of entries we get. So share our event, get those running buddies to join and go toe to toe on race day. 

We will have Age Groups - however we will have limited Age Groups. Below are the Age Group limitations. If you do not fall in an Age Group you are consider Elite. We do this to avoid Athletes taking chances to earn money by not competing in the Elite Field. If you are out of the Elite Age you can still enter as an Elite if you feel you are Elite.

Age Groups

16 - 19

36 - 46

47 - 57

58 +


20 - 35

What do you need?

Running shoes, GPS Watch, Strava.

You will need Strava to upload your run and time. However you MUST set the run to RACE. If we see any time difference from your Start and Finish, or irregularities from the data we will DQ you and ban you for life. We have enough data to pick up those looking to cheat and ruin the event for others.

So lace up and get ready to earn money in 2022 as a Runner. Or just see where you rank amongst some of the best runners in the country.


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