The event to truly test Endurance, Strength and Mobility.

Our Qualifiers will test all of the above, expect your standard Weightlifting/Gymnastic/Functional Fitness movements with Running.




Hit that Enter Now button to your left!

1. Then enter in your Region

2. Pick Equipment or Body Weight which will depend on if you have access to a CrossFit Box/Gym

2.1. Equipment Needs: Wall Balls/Slam Balls 14lbs/20lbs/15kgs, 10ft/9ft Targets, Assault Runner (If you don't have one you can run on the road, but your loop can be no longer than 1000m and must not go into negative elevation gain), Concept 2 Rower, Pull Up Bar, Dumbbells 15kgs/7kg, Barbells with weights 60kgs/40kg (includes BB), Sandbags 45kgs/20kgs, 24'/20' Box, 

3. Take a look at our Osiris, Nut, Set and Ra workouts

those will be your World Championship Workouts IF you Qualify - However there will be surprises within those workouts which you will only find out before the start of the event.

4. Start to prepare for your Qualifier Workouts

4.1 Know how to use Strava App, WOD Proof App, how to upload your Workout Videos to YouTube. As this is how you will capture and submit your Qualifiers. 

5. Run/Run/Run/Lift/Gymnastics will be essential for your Qualifying Prep Work


1. On the 6th September CAT 00:00:00 we will release Week 1's Workout. You will have till that SUNDAY to submit your Qualifier Links - Strava set to "RACE" (If you run on the road) and your YouTube Link for your workout proof, so our Judges can Judge. There after every Monday will be the new Weeks Workout and every Sunday will be submission.

2. Leaderboards will only be available the FOLLOWING week so that Athletes can't get "Times To Beat" So go all out and make sure you on top!

3. We will have an Overall Leaderboard as well as a Regional Leaderboard. However your points assigned will be based off your OVERALL placement in the world - Unless we point out another scoring opportunity ;)

4. Our Overall Winners will Receive Our Unique Online World Championship Medals. Our Top 10 Regional Athletes will get a Custom Regional Shirt. While Our Winners of each Region Will Receive a Custom Regional Winners Shirt.

5. Top 3 Male and Female Athletes from each Region will have punched a Ticket to "The Gods Have Spoken" World Championships to be held in South Africa 14th, 15th, 16th January 2022.